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Three hundred years before Christ, in its most ancient route from Rome to Brindisi, the Via Appia arrived in Terracina, on the banks of the Tyrrhenian Sea, was forced to climb the mountain that prevented the passage. On the top of the spindle, now known as Monte Sant'Angelo, stood the imposing Temple dedicated to Jupiter Anxur, of which the remains of a series of twelve majestic arches are visible, visible from all the surrounding gulf.

All around were found many remains of sumptuous Roman villas. One of these, a cliff over the sea, is located a few steps from the current entrance of the aforementioned Temple, and has recently been transformed into a position for exclusive ceremonies and important events, thanks to the commitment of the De Simone family.

Built in the fifties, the villa that was called Belvedere, is surrounded by a lush garden of about ten thousand square meters. green, where pine trees, cypresses and ancient olive trees alternate with fountains and waterfalls. The spectacular infinity pool seems to enter the sea below, in a continuous color that leaves you breathless.

The property enjoys a unique and inimitable view, ranging from the village of Sperlonga to the island of Ischia.

At the entrance you can see some ruins from the Sillean era (first century) with an inscription, LA LIBRATA, which today gives its name to the structure.